About Us

In 1999 when I became pregnant with my first baby, I wanted a sailboat theme for the nursery. When I found out my baby was a girl, I wanted pastel sailboats, but I couldn't find anything like that. So, I drew the pattern that I wanted, and my mom and I made a quilt for my daughter. It came out perfect. To complete the theme, we made a matching crib bumper and diaper stacker. After her nursery was painted to resemble the deep blue sea, everything was ready for her. Alexa was born in February 2000, and she loves her sailboat quilt and the whole nursery.

Because babies need to stay warm (even here in Florida), my mom made a flannel blanket and a special fleece blanket with satin trim for Alexa. She used them when going out in the car seat or stroller and to keep warm in bed (once she was old enough to sleep with a blanket). She loves feeling the softness of the fleece and the silkiness of the satin trim. She drags one of her blankets around everywhere she goes.

After seeing how much Alexa liked her quilt and blankets, my mom & I decided to create quilts and blankets for other babies. So, Alexa's Quilts & More, Inc. was born because all babies deserve something special and unique.

Amanda G